IIC-Energokomplekt LLC is a team of professionals aiming efforts at solving specific tasks of enterprises in the field of power industry, assembly operations, industrial electric heating and ecology.

We are in demand where someone needs a reliable partner having necessary expertise to unite efforts of professionals within companies, enterprises with Russian and foreign manufacturers of production equipment, innovative products in order to ensure the best result that will meet all up-to-date requirements and standards.

Our Advantages

Vast professional experience in the field of power industry, ecology and some other branches of industry taught us:

  • to find individual and designated approach to every project of a customer;
  • to work with non-routine tasks and find unconventional solutions;
  • to analyze all nuances of emerging tasks and customize their solutions according to given customer requests;
  • to engage our own and, when necessary, third-party brainpower in order to come up with the best solution options;
  • to select the best products of Russian and foreign manufacturers capable of meeting requirements and budget of a customer;

Our Services

IIC-Energokomplekt LLC performs the following types of work:

  • Designing industrial heating systems and releasing detailed design documentation;
  • Equipment batching and supply;
  • Pre-commissioning activities.

Certificates of the Company