Professionals of ENERGOCOMPLECT LLC have substantial experience in various fields of power industry.

Often we can help, where other suppliers or engineering organizations have already refused to offer a complex process engineering solution.

Heating cable

Most of the work experience our team has accumulated is concentrated around design, supply, and installation of cable heating systems. Among the technologies that we use, the following stand out:

  • Self-regulating heating cable;
  • Resistive heating cable;
  • Skin-effected heating cable.

Self-regulating heating cable consists of 2 conducting cores parallel to each other. Between them, there is a polymer heating matrix, which is a polymer member capable of local alteration of its power depending on the ambient temperature: the power increases when temperature decreases, and vice versa. It does not blow when overlapped, and can be cut from spools into construction lengths at the place of installation. There are several various temperature modes, some of which heat up to 190 degrees, and withstand steaming temperature of 250 degrees maximum. There are variations of design with outer polytetrafluoroethylenum cover resistant to exposure to most aggressive environments. There is a range of maximum section length limitations. Starting currents surpassing rated currents by 2.5 times are a major factor.

Resistive heating cable consists of 3 conducting cores parallel to each other and made of copper-nichrome alloy that has fixed resistance per unit length. There is a vast resistance nomenclature from 0.8 Ohm/km to 8,000 Ohm/km that allows for selecting a required value for every specific task. Connection to the voltage of 380 V or 660 V. Connection type: star. Length of a single thread (one heating arm, from one connection point) is up to 1.5 km. 3-core performance allows for minimizing the possibility of local overlapping that causes its blowing.

It is very important that the cable heating technology itself can be more cost-efficient and convenient in the use compared to heat tracing, for instance.

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Self-regulating cable fixing devices (KSNK 1, 2, 3t * etc.)