Field of Use:

Self-Regulating Heating Cable of TENon® trademark is used in various branches of industry: in oil-and-gas, chemical, fuel, metallurgic, and others.

It is designed for protection against freezing and for maintaining the process temperature of surfaces of pipes, tanks and vessels, as well as for protection of roof and drain system components against the formation of frost.

Description of the Cable: TU 16.K180-080-2019 Standard

Cable Brand Name of cable components Fire Hazard Class
KSENt(f) Self-Regulating Heating Cable low-temperature О1.
KSESf Self-Regulating Heating Cable medium-temperature О1.
KSEVf Self-Regulating Heating Cable high-temperature О1.

t – sheath of thermoplastic elastomer

f – sheath of PTFE

Technical Characteristics:

TENon® Cable Brand Cable Specific Capacity at 10°С, W/m T Class t max in Operating State, °С t max in Idle State, °С Explosion Proof Marking
KSENt(f) 10/15/25/33 T6 + 65 + 85 1Ех c IIС Т6 Gb Х
KSESf 10/15/25/30/ 45/60 T3 + 120 + 200 1Ех c IIС Т3 Gb Х
KSEVf 15/30/45/ 60/75/90 T2 + 200 + 250 1Ех c IIС Т2 Gb Х

Self-regulating cable fixing devices (KSNK 1, 2, 3t * etc.)